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Carden Billing and Design Review

Carden Billing and Design

Jacqueline Carden and her Husband Mark Hamm hired our company Blue Tax for unpaid back taxes of $250, 000.00. We were hesitant to grant them a payment plan on our $20, 000+ fees, but because they were in need we agreed. After only making one payment, both Mark and Jackie would disappear for weeks at a time. After that for two months they would promise over and over that they would make their next payment by then end of the week. Needless to say that never happened. After two and a half months of lies, we were finally forced to close their case due to non payment. This made Jackie very mad. So much so she started an Internet smear campaign on our company. We realize that she is upset that she owes a quarter million dollars, but when you hire someone you have to pay them. Stay away from entering into any contract with Jackie or Mark, they will not perform.

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