Caracol Varadero/Cohiba Cigars

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Caracol Varadero/Cohiba Cigars | Selling old/dry/broken cigars

I have just returned from a trip to Varadero on December 21st..While I was there I purchased a box of 25 Cohiba Exquisitos with a seal number XV 145052 and a box of Cohiba Siglo 11 with a seal number IJ 715332.I purchased these at the state store in the Las Americas Commercial Plaza.When I opened them I found that the Exquisitos were old and very dry.I noticed that the outside cardboard cover had a USE MAR 08 stamped on it.I now assume that the cigars should have been sold by March of 2008.The Siglo 11 were dry and broken when I opened the wooden container.I am very upset as I thought that purchasing these products through the proper channels would guarantee freshness.I have travelled to Varadero several times in the past 7 years and had no trouble with earlier purchases.One of the main reasons I chose Cuba was in order to purchase cigars.I will not be returning unless I get some response to this complaint.There are many other islands I can go to for a winter vacation.Passing off old inferior products to me will result in a loss of future tourism.Someone should inform the staff of the Tobacco shop in the Caracol Varadero location that they are responible for lost vacation dollars coming to Cuba.

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