Capital Taxi (Edmonton)

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Capital Taxi (Edmonton) Review

Capital Taxi (Edmonton)

On New Year”s Eve (Dec 31, 2015), a cab driver from this company was 30 minutes late to pick us up, claiming every time we called him that he would be there in “2 minutes” or “5 minutes”. He told us that he hit every light coming from downtown at 4:00 in the morning, hence why it took him over 45 minutes to get to near West Edmonton Mall. We still had to pay for this cab ride, which had caused us to miss our flight (we then had to pay $300 to get on the next flight). If he would have just told us from the beginning that he would not make it by the time we had booked the cab for, we could have woken up the other person in the house so that we didn”t miss our flight. We have now been dealing with the manager, John Hollis, for nearly 3 months now, who not only does not return our calls regularly (he has said he will call us back in an hour, or a day and then rarely ever calls back – it is always us following up again). He has “guaranteed” that we will deal with someone from higher up in order to be compensated. It”s been almost three months! He has blatantly ignored our calls when he sees our called ID, because we have called from different numbers that are answered right away. It”s been over a week now and he has not returned any call (we call everyday) and we are expecting not only a refund on the cab ride, but we also want to be compensated for the fees we had to pay for missing our flight – which is directly the fault of the cab driver who repeatedly lied to us.

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