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Capital Meats

I was in my garage this afternoon, unpacking my new chest freezer, with the garage door up, when a truck pulled up, and two men walked into my garage and said they’d be happy to help me set up my freezer. When I asked them who they were, they handed me a brochure, and said they were with Capital Meats. After what sounded like a bogus story of how a customer nearby didn’t have enough money in her checking account, to pay for her order, the salesmen said that they were now saddled with a mountain of meat, which they were now selling at rock bottom prices. The salesmen were trying to sell me 88 steaks, whereas I told them that I didn’t need 88 steaks. I called one of my neighbors over, thinking that she might be interested, but she told them that she wasn’t interested either. One of the salemen snatched the company’s brochure that he had given me, out of my hand, and told his partner, that they didn’t need to put up with these stupid people (my neighbor and I). Both men were carrying the boxes of meat which they had laid out on display for us, back to their truck, all the while, calling us names, loud enough for us to hear. My neighbor and I were left standing there, with our jaws open, in sheer disbelief. Never in my life have I ever experienced such behavior- honestly. A bit after this happened, my neighbor’s husband called and told her he’d found 77 customer complaints about Capital Meats online. I read through some of the complaints, and they mirror what we experienced here today. The company is closed over the weekend, but I will certainly be calling them first thing Monday morning. That, and I’ve also posted my experience on the company’s Face Book page. This is simply unbelievable!


  1. Sharilyn Greenlief May 24, 2020
  2. Mikki Guilmain May 24, 2020
  3. Felipa Landham May 24, 2020

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