Canadian Tires / Healthrider Elliptical Trainer

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Canadian Tires / Healthrider Elliptical Trainer | Won't take back faulty brand new exercise machine!

Days ago bought eliptical trainer-exercise machine on sale for $299. Took hours to assemble. Does not work right, theres no resistance when you crank the level up. Simply I put it straight in my truck on my own that day, quite heavy. Took it straight back. I did not disassemble it and try squish it back in the box. In fact I thought I might be doing them a favor and they can set it in the sporting goods dept. as a demo since they didn’t have one of that model on demo so far! Well they won’t take it back. They tell me to call the 1 888 number in the manual, where it actually tells you to call first. I asked for store manager and she came and backed up the girl in customer service without showing any interest in what I said or how long I owned it and never used it yet! They tell me the manufacturers warranty will cover it… thats just fine I said, but its brand spanking new and defective, I do not wish to spend weeks waiting for techs to come and order parts and then come to install the wrong part and reorder other parts (you know how it goes). I said I simply want to exchange if I can not even return it for refund. No go. had it been tidily packaged up in the box would they have given me a refund? I could have said I never used it! I was just plainly honest about it.They sent me to their pay phone to call the 1 888 number. Spent 1/2 hour waiting on hold. I am told by the manufacturer that I can have it repaired, or depending on the store they should refund me. I said and thats for certain, you DO NOT have to fix it. They said no, if the store I use will take it back then thats fine. I go to the customer service and then am asked what Return Authorization # did they give me?! I said that they should have told me to ask for that, since I had no clue and had not expected any numbers.It was useless. I had to go home at this point and cool down. I phoned the 1 888 again, this time taking 45 minutes to get through. Got another lady, she said the same thing. Depending on store policy they should take it back, or I can have it repaired. I stressed that it was brand new never used and I do not wish to go through any repair ordeal for something I just put together. Anyway, she said theres no such thing as Return Authorization # that they use, they can’t give me or Canadian Tire themself any such number. She did give me a case # and her name. She told me hate Canadian Tire people need to call them perhaps, they’ll tell them for me, but theres no extension # and they have to use the 1 888 # too. I had also emailed their online support line too, and they gave me the exact same answer! So I was satisfied theres no such thing and I should be able to return it.By this time between me, myself and I we figured that the electronic magnet “resistance motor” was not making any adjustment noises like they do on all the other demos I have used. I explained this to everyone to show “willing” and that I just am not simply trying to return something I now decide I don’t want for no reason.I call Canadian Tire back from home to tell them theres no such thing as Return Authorization #s at this manufacturers. Now the girl tells me I need to talk to Sporting Goods manager, why now?!.. too many people are getting involved, and I have to reiterate everything all over again. So I did. I gave her the case # because she said she has to call the company herself. So an hour later she calls back to say that the girl she got knew nothing about giving out Return Authorization #s, must be new, and transfered the Canadian Tire lady… got voice mail, so she left a message for someone to call her back with a Return Authorization number. So I tell her theres no such thing. No one obviously called back at all and I am still waiting, all part of the inevitable… that I think I will end up fixing it. Maybe it’ll be Christmas before that happens. We have been so mad about it all, anywhere else would simply even exchange it… not Canadian Tire.

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