Canadian Tire on #3 Road, Richmond, B.C

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Canadian Tire on #3 Road, Richmond, B.C | Accusation of stealing its products

I was shopping in the store and couldn’t find two things I wanted to buy. So, I left the store, but unfortunately was followed by one of its managers asking me to open my jacket, which I did. Then she said, “now you can go”. I asked her why, and was told that one of the customers said that I stole something from the store. I followed her in and wanted an apology, which she finally delivered to me. But, in the meantime, she had a few of her employees around me like a bunch of barking dogs, telling me to leave the store. I said I had already left and was forced to come back because the manager didn’t apologize to me outside… I think this store is mismanaged by some crazy people, or they wouldn’t do what they did to me. This incident forced me to think that I wouldn’t go back to shop again.

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