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I wished that I had read the other complaints listed here on Camper”s Paradise before I took my family their for our vacation this past week!! This place was very disappointing in most aspects. To me it was a desperate attempt by the management to collect as much money as they can before they go out of business. It truly appeared that desperate to me. The facilities, to be fair, were OK. Most everything needed repair or at least upkeep but for the most part fucntioned. The rates were very high compaired to just about anything else in the area (almost twice as much as most other comperable and often better located campgrounds). They consistently threaten you with additional fees and no refund policies the minute you bring up any issues. They had zero activities scheduled for the entire week for children (late June). All in all they fell short in just about every expectation that my family had for a campsite. We werent expecting five star accomidations in a cabin (even though they”re prices would make you think we were). Make sure you shop around for other cabins to realize how overpriced these folks are. By far however the worst part of the whole experience was the owner/manager. He was rude and insulting to my family and I on several occasions. They waive the no refund policy around and complain about any issues you have with your cabin. For example, out TV wasnt receiving a signal and would not work. I went to the office to let them know and was told that the TV was a perk and I really didnt have to have it. When I reminded them that it was a selling point in their brochure they said they may be able to look at it. I had to bug them three times to get someone to come out and finally fix it. We purchased and were given wood that would not ignite (either too green or wet) and when I spoke to him about the issue, he made some very rude comments about my inability to start a fire (along with the standard no refund policy). At this point I was tired of the lack of customer service and told him that I very capable of starting a fire and that he was welcome to come down and try to start one himself and reminded him of how terrible his customer service skills were at this point. He literally became so angry that his wife had to keep him from coming at me (at this point I almost welcomed it…) and eventually sent him inside to cool down. Sad. As the week went on, my family and I tried to make the best of our time and just went off the campsite to enjoy the area. As we began to look at other places we came to find out most other campsites and businesses are well aware of their poor reputation and actually ended up apologizing for the bad experience we were having with Campers Paradise. I can go on and on about how mis-managed this place is and very highly recommend you go somewhere else to enjoy the beautiful landscape and atmosphere. The area is beautiful…just don”t waste your time and money with this place! Have a great vacation!

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  1. Shaunda Stancato May 24, 2020

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