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Cali Bamboo, LLC

I was sold a bill of goods by cali bamboo. I was told the bamboo fencing was more durable than steel, weather resistant, and the perfect outdoor fence. I ordered 400′ of fencing, and was told that their would be explicit directions on how to install it. The installation manuals were a joke, and the labor to install a picture frame version of the fence were pathetic. Once the fence was in, and i had sealed it with their sealer, it looked absolutely georgeous, for about 2 months. Then the mold started to set in, convering every square inch, deep black mold. I have spent countless, countless hours powerwashing and resealing, to no avail. Not to mention once about every minute while in the yard in the summer you hear “pop” “pop” which is the bamboo splitting, which makes it look like garbage. The fence is a waste of money, and with shipping, all the sealant, and the horrible mold, it is not environmentally friendly in the least. I also had installed the decking material for a 400 sq ft raised deck. Once again it look beautiful for the first 2 months. It now looks like it is 20 years old, cracking, falling apart, and covered in horrible mold. The fence and deck are less than 18 months old, and the deck needs to be replaced, it looks like garbage. The fence looks ok, but i have power washed it and sealed it 4 times now. Power washing the bamboo takes an extraordinary amount of time, b/c the mold sets in so deep. I spent a full 10 hours last saturday just on the fence, and am 1/3 of the way done power washing. that means 30 full hours, x 2-3 times a year, 100+ hours to power wash and seal it per year. This material is total garbage, do not buy it.

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  1. Sadye Clermont May 24, 2020

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