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On july 8, 2006 I responded to a e-mail promotion off from buytelco offering broadband service. This offer was for sbc yahoo service and included 2 free airline tickets. I signed on and received the following e-mail from buytelco: Order confirmation. Thank you for ordering. Please print this as your receipt. You will also be receiving a copy via email. Your at&t yahoo dsl order confirmation number is acp2038083. To retrieve your complete order record. If you authenticated your order, at&t yahoo will be activating your circuit and sending the equipment needed to start your high speed internet service. Otherwise, at&t will be contacting you to confirm your order. For your convenience we have provided a recap of your order below. We”re pleased you”ve chosen buytelco as your trusted source for high speed internet solutions. We have listed some links below that may be helpful to take advantage of your new high-speed connection. Receipt # acp20sss Install at: Your information: Name:larrys Email:lspa Reference: 33sss Date:6/8/2006 Service type: adsl Name Dsl express: Monthly recurring Installation Promotion $12.99 $0.00 $12.99/month for the first 12 months. 2 free airline tickets. Please note, the “$12.99/month for the first 12 months. 2 free airline tickets.” That”s the last I heard from buytelco. They won”t answer e-mails and don”t return calls left in their voice mail. I contacted at&t/sbc and they disavow and promotions made thru outside companies even if these companies use at&t/sbc”s name in their promotions. I received the following answer from at&t/sbc: Dear mr sparman, Thank you for your recent email. On behalf of at&t, I apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. Unfortunately, at&t has no authority or jurisdiction over the promotional offers available at buytelco. Upon further review of their website, we have found that the service must be activated within 60 days of addition, you will be sent your travel voucher via email 10-12 weeks after activation. I have included a link below regarding the terms and conditions. Please contact them directly for further assistance with this matter. If this response does not address your concern, please reply directly to this email. To ensure a timely response, do not change the subject line of your reply. Thank you for choosing the new at&t – the culmination of at&t”s passion to invent and sbc”s drive to deliver. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty. Check out the new at&t at buytelco seems to be running a scam and I intend to do everything in that I can to see that their shoddy practices are made public.

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