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I want ALL customers of to be aware that this e-retailor does not refund money, you will be issued Refund Voucher instead of actual money. I have ordered from them few items, one item was too small despite ordering one size bigger from my actual size, however the size was still too small, the other item had a different length of pant leg. So due to these faulty I had to return it back. As long as I received the approval for refund I have posted the items back. However, buyinvite credited my buyinvite account with vouchers rather to refund actual money back. Please see below their respond: As per our Terms & Conditions, we will credit your BuyInvite account with the appropriate amount if you do not wish to keep it. If the product is faulty or incorrect we will refund you by your original method of payment. Our Returns team have assessed the item and they noted that the order was sent according to what you have ordered. Your refund is therefore processed in accordance to our Returns policy. Should you notice that the expiry of your credit is drawing near and you have not fully utilized it, do let us know and we”ll extend it for another 6 months. Do let us know if you have further enquiry and we”ll be more than glad to assist. Happy shopping & enjoy the style, So I have responded immediately with explanations that I consider both items as faulty as it was too small despite ordering one size bigger and the other product had different length of pant leg. However buyinvite is still insisting on that order was sent according to what i have ordered. I have already lodged the complaint with Fair Trading, I am waiting to get their assistance to solve these issues and get my money back. I want ALL CUSTOMERS of to be aware you will never get your money back for the product you bought from this website (, you will be issued with vouchers which you have to spent in the future on their website.

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  1. Hue Hisman May 24, 2020

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