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Butcher Boys Review

Butcher Boys

Just walked into Butcher Boys restauraunt on North St in Nacogdoches, TX for the first time. Decided I wasn’t going to the big chain fast food places this time. I walked in and started looking at the overhead menu board. The lady who greeted me instead offered a professionally printed menu. I selected an item from th printed menu and she began to process my order at the register. I noticed she rang it up as $1 more than the menu stated. She then pointed to the overhead board which had the same item listed for the extra dollar. I said, yeah, but your menu says something else. She then opened the menu to a different page which had the phrase “prices subject to change”. She rang it up for the extra $1. My thinking is that 1) when your menu changes, if you’re not going to discard your old printed stock, at least take the time to use a marker and line out the old prices, and 2) if you don’t, on those occasions when a customer points out the discrepancy you should honor your price, and 3) it’s almost to the point of dishonesty for a printed menu to be in use and the cashier rings up prices different from the menu without saying anything to the paying customer about the added charge. My willingness to be a future customer is also subject to change. Bad business practice.

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