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The dentist deliberately tried to prolong my infection!

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15 September 2019

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I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go to Burman Dental. This place has one of the worst people working there. I have been to several dental clinics but this place is horrendous. Not only do they not care about the patients, but they also try devious methods to suck money out of your pocket. Their treatment was ineffective and it was obvious that they were only stretching my issue so they can make more money. I made the mistake of going there but I hope you’ll make a smarter decision after reading this review.
Now a day’s people are mostly concern about their health especially when it comes to their own health. Especially when it comes to the dental problems they want to make sure that they are treated according to the highest standards. The doctors should be friendly and make a suitable environment so that the patient does not feel anxiety while having his treatment. People before consulting a dental clinic go through a lot of research to get one of the best practitioners in town, but some those fall in a trap where they are scammed are keen to make money only.
I have personally experienced a lot of problems when I had my treatment. I do not know what the bloody hell was wrong with me and I chose Burman Dental for my treatment. I was having a severe toothache and I badly needed a good dentist. I called the clinic for an appointment as soon as possible but my calls were unanswered for two hours. I could not choose anyone else due to the problems with my schedule. Once my call was answered, I quickly asked the receptionist to do me a favor and book an appointment within an hour or so. She denied that and asked me to take some painkiller. To get some relief I took those painkillers twice the following day as prescribed but my pain got worse. The next day I had an appointment with the ‘best’ dentist at Burman Dental. I had some fungal infection which was responsible for the pain and the dentist advised me an x-ray. After viewing the reports, he asked me to get some casual cleaning and I will be good to go. I did as prescribed but nothing happened. Moreover, my infection started to spread from the molars to the incisors. I was shocked and went back to the place but the dentist was a good for nothing bastard and advised a root canal now. Every staff member is a bloody liar at the clinic. I am now consulting another dentist and would not recommend them to anyone.
One of the customers reported that doctors at Burman Dental, L.L.C. don’t know how to have a good conversation with your patients. She reported that one of the doctors called her daughter a bitch which does not suit them. She really thinks that she should change the services now.

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