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Bumble Review


I was told Bumble is a scam. When I first logged on it seemed ok and I paid Mooney for few months subscription. After that everything changed. I saw nothing different in the usage and complained but got really [censored] responses from Bumble team. I now don”t get matches and when I do they suddenly disappear and also same when in conversation. How can 5 people unmatch me all in one go. That”s what customer services said that they unmatched me and don”t worry there are plenty more bumblebees…yes plenty more fake/robots to match and then unmatch or disappear. I feel I have been cheated and they”ve taken my money and I getting nothing out of it. Customer services is a joke. Reading online I can see a lot of people have had the same experiences and the good reviews I am guessing must be fake too. I”ve never heard any good news about Bumble.

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