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The dentist lies to you and gives the wrong diagnosis

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15 September 2019

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I had a cavity attack in my mouth and it was causing severe pain and my grandma needed a new set of false teeth. We consulted Bull Mountain Orthodontics for the purpose. They are among those bastards who claim a lot of good services but deliver pain only. According to their blog, they have highly qualified and experienced dentists who can perform all treatments with the best and latest technology. Trust me none if this is true. They are just money-making machines who fail to deliver what they promise to their patients. Commitment issues have been repeatedly reported on different review websites. My grandma and I had the worst experience of our lives. I had pain in my tooth due to the cavity and the dentist asked me to have an x-ray first. He did not show me the x-ray and said that one of the teeth needs a replacement and the other one requires a root canal. I was stunned to hear this because I did not feel any displacement. I disagreed to the replacement thing but the dentist tried his level best to make money and give me a replacement. As far as the root canal was concerned, I agreed to it because I had a cavity too. The anesthetic was injected in a heavy dose. The cap fell off within a day after the treatment. I do not know what the hell they were trying to do to me. My grandma wanted a new set of false teeth but she did not get any even after two days that was promised by Bull Mountain Orthodontics. They did not fulfill their promise instead they argued with us that we were wrong and misunderstood their commitment. The set of teeth delivered was of fucking low quality and they charged us a fortune for that. Clinics like Bull Mountain Orthodontics have nothing to do with hygiene either. I was not happy with the cleanliness of the facility. The clinic is fucking dirty and the dentists, as well as other staff members, are unaware of the term hygiene.
I did some research online and found out that they are in fact a group of scammers who don’t have a clue of dentistry. Another customer of this place had gotten a disturbing nerve in his jaw because of the negligence of the dentists here. Like my grandma’s and my experience, that person was also infuriated by the treatment he received These guys didn’t even issue him a refund and he had to go someplace else. These guys took $3000 from him. I’m glad that we got rid of this clinic earlier. The unfortunate fact is, such complaints of this place aren’t easy to find. I found this complaint after a lot of research. If I had found it earlier, I might’ve changed my decision.
These are just a few issues that my grandma and I have countered. If you go through the internet is full of many more issues that different patients have reported. Don’t make the mistake I made.

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