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An Incompetent and Careless Cheat!

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date published
10 September 2019

posted by
Henry Smith

The pediatric clinic is supposed to take care of kids by all means. They should manage the kids with full responsibility. But not all pediatric clinics take their responsibility with the seriousness it requires. And this clinic is one of them. They are careless. They are so negligent that you can’t even imagine. If you want your children’s facial beauty, then stay away from this clinic ASAP. They are also ridiculously expensive. They don’t care whether your child is suffering from severe pain or fainting, they only care about the dollars coming from the customers. They are professionally incompetent and careless human beings.
At the mid of the past month, my son had a severe toothache. He is only five years old. He was crying with immense pain. So, we decided to go to the near dentistry. I was most unfortunate on that day because the dental clinic closest to my house was Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry. I have no option that day because I did not know back then how unprofessional, and absent-minded, they were.
I took him to the clinic for a complete oral checkup. My son was looking really bad because of toothache. I told them, it’s an emergency. But they kept on saying that no doctor is free right now and I should keep waiting. I requested the girl at the reception to at least check him, what’s going on inside his mouth? They did not listen to me at all. They completely ignored me and my son’s pain at that time. I waited there for three hours straight. I was going somewhere else, then they called my name at last when I was on my way to another clinic. I was annoyed and furious at them, but my son needed to see a dentist urgently. So, I decided to stick with the clinic.
Dr. Andrew D Shoemaker was the dentist, appointed by the clinic for my son checkup. He did the oral examination and after one hour, I was told he needs minor surgery. But as know, the word ‘’surgery’’ is terrifying for all the parents, I got scared. He briefed, this is going to be minor surgery, that’s all. That was his complete briefing to me. He did not tell me what’s going on? Nothing.
I went to the senior doctor Catharine A. Enright. She told me, don’t worry. It is a minor procedure. She told me about the toothache problem. He had broken a permanent tooth accidentally. That tooth was causing immense pain. So, we had to do a filling procedure.
The procedure started under the authority of Dr. Andrew Shoemaker. I was waiting outside for two hours. I was nervous and agitated. After the operation, my son was completely under the influence of sedation. He slept for almost eighteen hours straight that day. They charged almost one thousand bucks for this procedure because I had no insurance.
One week later, I did my son’s post-ops with a different clinic. They told me, there was no filling procedure happened ever on my son at all. I thought to myself, “Then what the hell they were doing inside the operation theater for two hours.” I got astonished and angry at them.
They tricked me and took one thousand bucks. Go to any other dental clinic on this planet except, the Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry, they play with the innocence of the parents.

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