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Bubblews LLC

July of 2014, i joined this website which promises to give you a penny for each view, like and comment that your posts receive. During that time, you have to reach a minimum of $50 before you can redeem or withdraw your earnings. Before signing up or writing anything, I carefully read the Terms of Use and Learning Center of this website. At first the site was interesting and I was able to receive two e-checks from them. So, I invested more time and effort, connected to more people and made at least 9-10 posts everyday. In return, my earnings went up and I was able to make a lot of redemptions. What I am complaining about is that, Bubblews has initially promised its users to send their cash outs within 30 days from the day they withdraw their earnings until last October, they changed the rules for “international users” (according to them, these are users that are outside US, UK and Canada) from 30 days to 60-90 days because of the number of violators from these countries. Some may have complained, but I kept my cool and kept on using the site, still writing posts until more than 90 days had passed, and they finally said that users from the Philippines are no longer going to get paid for the redemptions they made prior to December 12, 2014 because of their inability to check each users’ post and to identify the violators from the non-violators. So they basically made us wait, wasted our time and kept changing the rules so that we would keep using the site with them earning from it, and us, not getting paid as they promised to. IF YOU EVER THINK OF USING THIS SITE OR SIGNING-UP ON THIS SITE, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON’T AND IMMEDIATELY CLOSE THE WINDOW AND LEAVE THIS WEBSITE. THEY WOULD KEEP CHANGING THE RULES SO YOU WON’T GET ANY IN THE END. THIS COMPANY OWES ME MORE THAN $400.

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