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No empathy for the pets or clients

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16 September 2019

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If you need a vet for your pet’s physical, maybe some non-dire tests or something that doesn’t require anything critical sure go see Dr Adkins. If you need something else or more serious, DO NOT go to this place.
I began bringing my dogs to Dr Adkins when we moved to Mesa from north Scottsdale around April 2018. I knew I couldn’t make a 45+ minute drive if there was a crisis or if one of my dogs wasn’t feeling well it would have been hard to reach a hospital far from my place. For that reason, Dr Adkins was considered by me because the Brown Road Animal Clinic was near my house. I brought one of my dogs to the hospital since she has Cushing Disease and a couple of other little issues. The Cushing requires severe observing (visit extraordinary ACTH blood tests) that I had been doing at the previous vet I used to visit, alongside customary blood boards, Ultrasound… I burned through a huge number of dollars in a couple of months because Dr Adkins fakes to be genuine and appeared to be sweet and minding. Out of the blue, they increased the cost of ACTH test by $100; I was at that point paying more here for the tests than I paid at my previous vet, yet that was alright because if my dog would get healthy I wouldn’t mind paying a little more. When they increased the cost by $100, I could never again bear to do the tests there, however, I kept on bringing my dog there to treat the infection, do standard blood boards, and for different issues. Around February I called to get my dog examined because she was experiencing odd breathing issues and Dr Adkins had recently proposed an X-beam. I called and was told he was on a holiday and couldn’t plan an appointment till next month, however they suggested I should continually carry my dog to an Emergency vet! Truly? I was told Dr Adkins was occupied with some personal issues…. furthermore, simply didn’t have room schedule-wise. All my life, I have NEVER heard any vet say that. My Dog was in a critical condition I accumulated her up and got in the vehicle and called Brown Road Animal Clinic to check whether Dr Adkins was in. Indeed, he was in, however, he did not have room schedule-wise to see her since he was simply wrapping up a minor medical procedure and was leaving for the afternoon. I was crying (truly) and BEGGED the person who picked up the telephone to PLEASE fit me in, as they were already aware of her restorative history and I trusted Dr Adkins. They did not pay heed to any of my requests and I had to take my ailing pet to another clinic. The ONLY thing Brown Road thinks about is reserving more and more appointments, I get it, they’re in business to profit (which they’ve made a lot of off me), but, a veterinary practice ought to have a level of empathy and care!!

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