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Brenda Hanrath Review

Brenda Hanrath

My wedding was in June of 2009. I had been referred to Brenda to do my wedding hair. On the day of my trial I was so disappointed by the service I received. She had her assistant do most of my hair that day. When the final hair was done, I wanted to try some different variations to find the perfect wedding hair for my big day. Even though I was paying for a trial hair day, she had been doing 3 other clients during the time she did my hair, thus the reason she had her assistant doing most of the work, plus she was put off by my unhappiness at the final product. Not to mention she talked me into putting 3 lil hair extensions into my bangs, in which I was reluctant to do, because I didn’t want it to damage my real hair. She used glue and did a terrible job, and when they finally came out, as I thought my real hair did as well 🙁 I didn’t get any additional tries on my hair and my wedding was less then 2 weeks away. I was on my way out of her salon and was tearing up ready to call my fiance to tell him how confused and sad I was. Not to mention I had a written quote on how much this day would cost me and she charged me 60 dollars more. I was so upset I just wrote a check and left. After talking to my faince in tears, he hung up with me and said he was going to call her. He called her to tell her how unhappy I was and in the midst of him saying that, she stated “I was going to cancel her anyway” and hung up on him. Well needless to say she kept my deposit of 120.00 for the wedding day and I will have to go to court to try to get it back. Also she left right after I left that day and cashed the check I wrote her within minutes. This tells you she knows what she is doing or she wouldn’t be so sneaky. I wanted to write this to warn anyone who may have a big day ahead of them, please think twice about using this lady who advertises herself as a “wedding specialist” In the long run I was so lucky to find a fabulous hair stylist who did a most beautiful job. In a weird way it may have been meant to be because I know she would’ve ruined my wedding day with her attitude and terrible hair skills. I hope this helps any consumers making a decision.

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