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Dangerous for kids! Not recommended at all

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19 September 2019

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My son was facing some dental problems so I went to this clinic for a visit and had a very bad experience. It is really hard to get an appointment here because they never pick up your calls. I even tried making an appointment online but it didn’t work because their website is not updated regularly and they never check what is going on their site. The parking area is a mess because it is too small and congested and it is really hard to find a spot for parking your car. The front work area staff is very impolite and rude especially the lady named Michelle is extremely rude and unresponsive to your queries. I would rate them zero when it comes to customer services. The waiting room was dirty with spots all over the floor. They offer no drinks or snacks for their clients in the waiting room and the long wait for your turn becomes so exhausting and tiring. This dental specialist is a thief! My child had his first meeting with Dr Copeland and I was informed that the x-beams that he had done some months earlier with another dental specialist weren’t accurate so they expected to rehash the chomp wing x-beam. They charged me 79$ along with the 69$ appointment arrangement expense. I was informed that he had a few pits that should have been filled. Alright, that was fine yet when I took a gander at my credit card proclamation, I was charged 244$ for that visit. I called them to discover what was happening since he had an arrangement soon thereafter to begin his dental work. I was informed that there was a “reservation charge” of 144$ for his dental visit that day. Wait, what???? I have never known about anything like that! They didn’t give us any information about that, simply charged my card believing that I wouldn’t utter a word about it! I was furious and disgusted! They got an ear-full by me about their “reservation expense” and they lost a client forever. The whole staff was rude to me when I complained about the issue. I know several other people who left Dr Copeland’s office in light of her thieving practice. The worst dental specialist and dental staff I’ve at any point utilized. They place the patient last and it shows by the way Dr.Copeland and her staff execute the whole procedure. Dr.Copeland is impatient and merciless and my son had to go through so much pain because of her incompetence as a dentist. The equipment that they use for the procedure is not sanitized and outdated. I profoundly discourage you to go to Dr Copeland and her disgusting clinic. I would give them 0 stars on a scale of 5. If you care about your kids never visit this clinic because the harsh treatment that they give to the kids is unbearable. There are a lot of other dental clinics around that are human and compassionate towards their patients and their families.

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