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Gave my daughter a pathetic treatment

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date published
14 September 2019

posted by
Gwen Hall

People are either attracted or retracted because of it so you have to maintain it to the best. Oral hygiene is an important part of your life. People choose different dentists for them and their children as well. They trust blindly on the practitioners and sometimes the result is zero. Let me tell you my story when I trusted one of these dental clinics blindly and got nothing. Actually, I chose a clinic for my daughter. She loves sweets and the result was cavity and a very severe one. My family dentist was out of town so I had to go to some other dentist and the decision was tough to make. I am among the most possessive mothers and trusting a new dentist for daughter was very hard for me.
After intensive research about dentists in Flemington, New Jersey I chose Bowden Dental, LLC. It was hard to trust them but my daughter was in agony so I was left with no other choice. Their website said a lot about them and I was fascinated by them. Trusting them was the biggest mistake I could ever make. Those bastards charged me too high for just a cavity treatment yet my daughter has not been relieved from pain. She was scared to go to a new dentist in the first place and it was me who forced her. Being an overly possessive mother, I cannot regret my decision any more than this. The dentist failed to comfort my daughter but I was there to calm her down. The dentists gave her an overdose of anesthetics and the gums started to bleed like hell while the treatment. Like he did not even know what he was exactly doing. First, he gave her an overdose and then he treated my daughter like some animal. I so want to sue them right now. After paying a thousand bucks, my daughter has severe pain in the gums. I am searching for a new dentist or my family doctor to come back and treat her. According to some fucking policy, I could not claim the insurance either. Like choosing Bowden Dental, LLC was just nothing but a loss or my worst decision. I could have been through the situation if I was the victim but my daughter has suffered because of my wrong choice and that really angers me. I am not going there ever again and I would not recommend Bowden Dental, LLC to anybody. One of the staff members was very rude with me and tried to sell me their product and services which I don’t even need, also the product he was trying to sell to me was double the retail prices, seems like their only concern is to make money from their patient without ensuring their health. I never had such a bad experience with any of the dental consultant. I do neither wish to visit this facility again nor going to recommend it to anyone.

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