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One of the most horrible massages I have ever received

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19 September 2019

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What do people usually expect when they go to a massage session? Relaxation, right? It is probably the first thing people expect from a massage. A good masseuse with proper techniques comes second.
It had been a tough week at work and therefore I decided to treat myself by getting a good body and face massage. I looked for spas around me and came across Hewlett Spa. I read some reviews and since I was really tired to do any more research, I called up the place and scheduled a body and face massage session. The next day, I went to the place early in order to not miss my appointment. I had to wait in the lobby as the masseuse had still not arrived at the place. While waiting, I requested for a glass of water from a passing staff member. She was kind enough to smile and nod her head but not kind enough to actually bring me a glass of water. There were no magazines on the stand beside my seat or on the table in front of me. I had nothing to do except being thirsty as hell and wait for the masseuse to arrive. After making me wait for more than an hour, the masseuse finally arrived and called me into the massaging room.
When I went in, I was terrified of the condition of the place. The massage table seemed to be stumbling one. The thin mattress on it was dirty as it had strands of hair on it. There was lotion spilt on the floor and to top all of it, the place had a really weird smell. Since I was there to relax, I decided to stop focusing on the negative things and chill out.
The massage started with a gentle rubbing on the upper back. To be honest, it felt really good but the feeling did not last. He applied a lotion which did not seem to suit my skin and it felt as if my skin was burning with itches.
Before I could even tell him to wipe the lotion off my back, he had already smeared it all around. He then started massaging using his elbows. I don’t know who told him it was good to do that but I assure you, you would prefer death over it. I told him to stop massaging my back and get started with the face.
He poured some kind of a liquid on his hand and while doing that, he accidentally poured it in my left eye. The burning sensation was excruciating. I could not take it anymore. I got up as fast as I could and headed for the washbasin. I did not have in mind about the lotion on the floor and as soon I laid my foot on the floor, I slipped and fell. I hurt my chest really badly because of this.
I decided to endure the pain for a while, wash up and get the hell out of there as fast as possible. It is one of the most horrible massages I have ever received and I would not recommend anyone to go there for literally anything.

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