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I was searching for the “Easylift” product and was on the BNL Media site. I checked the price and then went through to where they give you the final price. I did not like the price of P&P so I exited out of the site. That day I received a confirmation of my order. I immediate wrote an email saying that I did not order, as I had not pressed the final button to confirm the order. They did not reply. Now they waited deliberately so that they could remove the money from the account that day, and then said that the goods were dispatched. They say on their website that they do not take any money until the goods are dispatched. I wrote another email, and another. They still did not reply. I then called their contact number in Customer Service and the young lady I spoke to with an Indian accent, was quite rude and said that I did order the goods. By then it had been 8 days and I still did not have any goods. She then told me that I have to allow 10 working day. I still do not have any goods, as they will not refund the money until I send back the goods, and I still do not have the goods to send back. Keep away from this company. My husband said he had a similar experience with them, but I didn’t know that he had used them previously, as I would not have used them.


  1. Fritz Minneweather May 24, 2020
  2. Delois Ebia May 24, 2020

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