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18 September 2019

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I don’t usually write complaints but since they are not bothered about their customers, why should we. They have the ‘BMW’ tag but if that’s how this company treats its customers, I don’t think anyone should even buy BMW cars. This place is terrible and I strongly suggest people buy a car from some other company instead of this hellhole. They are deranged.
I decided to buy a new car and was looking for an Audi car but then I got to know about this BMW 3 series which was more appealing than Audi. I decided to visit BMW of Tyler because they had excellent ratings online but later on got to know that all those ratings were fake. If they would have been real, I would’ve seen something different. At least the staff would’ve been professional. But BMW’s customer service has deteriorated terribly and it’s no longer a good company to buy from.
I called this store to ask them if there was a BMW 3 series available as I was genuinely interested in it. I told their customer service representative that I would make a down payment of 3000 dollars today and will going to pick up the car the next morning if the price is good. The next morning I visited BMW of Tyler and asked for the guy which I talked to on the phone. The guy was great at first in serving me and solving my queries, we both could not settle upon a price I told him to give me 1000 dollars off but he only agreed to 400 only. It’s a normal thing that you don’t get settle up for a price and I don’t have any problem with it. As I was about to leave this place because I was not in a mood to spend some extra money on this car the customer service who served me at first started yelling and asking questions to me like, why did you even bother to call us if you are not interested in buying a car and why should you waste our time.
Well, I don’t appreciate this kind of behavior, especially with your customers. I told him that though I was looking for an Audi but since I am interested in this one I wanted to buy it. This guy showed behaved rudely with me as if he was trying to release his frustrations on me.
I was pissed off with his questions and I don’t think that I would be dealing with this type of dealership again in my entire lifetime. There are alternatives in the city who make sure to deliver quality services to their customers because to them customers are their priority. Not like BMW of Tyler who doesn’t even know how to deal with their customers and how to make them satisfied. To be very honest I am not going to visit this place anymore nor am I going to recommend it to anyone. So stay away from such filths.

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