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22 September 2019

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It is advised to take your vehicle to the company’s authorized service centre in case of even the smallest of troubles. It is good advice but what if the company’s service centre messes up the servicing which leads to bigger issues? This recently happened to me. One day, while I was returning home from work, I felt that the brakes of my BMW were not working properly. It took a lot of time and pressure to apply them. Since the problem could have gone on to become hazardous. I decided to take my car for the first time in BMW’s service centre. I did not where the nearest one was situated and therefore, I Googled the location of the nearest one. The only name that popped up was if BMW of South Albany. I checked out the website thoroughly. It seemed to be well-reviewed. I found out the number on the website listed as ‘Service’ and called up instantly to schedule a check-up for the very next day. What I failed to understand how can a company customer service tells the customer to ‘Hold the line’ for more than three times in a row? It was frustrating to keep waiting for a reply but I had no choice. After almost an hour of waiting on the 4th try, my appointment was scheduled for a week later. Since there was nothing I could do about it, I decided to wait it out.
The day of the appointment finally came and I reached the place on time in my car. It seemed as if they liked making their customers wait. I was told to wait ‘patiently’ as the mechanic’s hands were ‘tied up at the moment’. After forty minutes, the mechanic came and checked my car. He diagnosed the problem and told me that there was an internal problem with the wires of the brakes and that they would need to replace with new ones. I requested him to fix the car as soon as possible and after making the payment, I came back home.
Despite my request for early completion of the work needed, I was called after 10 days. I went to the place and collected my car. The brake was still not functioning as it used to be and when I complained about this, the mechanic told that ‘it cannot get better than that’. I was willing to accept this but the next problem that arose angered me to my core. Both the AC and the music players were not functioning properly. When I asked the reason for the malfunctioning, the reply that I got was – “It was like that when you left the car here ten days ago”. Both the manager and the mechanic refused to accept that they made a mistake. I decided to be the bigger guy, I decided to walk out of there calmly with my car and get the car checked someplace else.
I forgave them but never forgot about the incident. I would never recommend anyone, not even my mortal enemy, to go to that wretched place for even a simple check-up.

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