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18 September 2019

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Don’t use this company because they don’t value and respect their customers. Their customer service doesn’t know anything about manners and has one of the worst employees I have ever come across. I decided to visit BMW of Sioux Falls because I was interested in one of the cars and thought to buy it. They had great ratings and that is the only reason why I decided to visit them. I regretted my decision later on because to be very honest if I am not going to receive the respect I deserve, I may not feel comfortable doing any type of business with them.
I showed up in the early morning at their shop and for around half an hour I was not accompanied by their salesperson. Later on, I was welcomed by one of their rude salesperson who doesn’t know how to deal with their customer. He showed aggressive behavior to me in front of other customers which I did not appreciate because I value my self-respect.
He didn’t listen to my concerns or to assist me, I told him I was looking for used BMW 330e but he told me that they don’t have anything like that which falls in my price range but I pity to him because there were 3 cars in their lot which falls in my price range. I decided to leave at the time and came later during that day just to make sure that he has enough time to assist me better. When he got to know that I am taking a serious interest in buying a car he brought over his used car manager to assist me further upon. BMW of Sioux Falls doesn’t give a single speck of respect to their customer and I think that’s really unfortunate for this dealership.
I guess no one should ever scold their customers in front of other ones because everyone has their self-respect. I was very disappointed with the way I was treated at BMW of Sioux Falls because initially, I thought they were good because they had good ratings online. Upon leaving I was being told by BMW of Sioux Falls that they are going to look for the car I am searching for and they will contact me as soon as possible. Well, let me tell you that it’s been over 2 months now and I have not received a single call or email from them. BMW of Sioux Falls have wasted my entire time and I don’t think that I would be dealing with them anymore because first, they have to learn how to respect their customers and how to behave with them. I’m now looking for some other dealer and I’ll certainly not buy a BMW! These guys can suck ass.
The whole experience turned out to be a nightmare for me and I won’t be visiting such a place again.

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