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24 September 2019

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I am a proud owner of my BMW and I had been taking care of it from the last 4 years. It was the first time that my car started giving problems, the brakes and suspensions were getting rough and made disturbing sounds while driving. I started searching for the BMW showrooms in my area and came across BMW of Peoria.
I made an appointment with the manager to discuss the problems my car was facing, I was told about their mobile check-up in which they would send their men to my place to check the car. Extra money was charged but I agreed to it and was told by them that they would send their men the next day of my appointment. The result was disappointing and the mechanic of BMW of Peoria didn’t show up the next day. It didn’t bother me much and I decided to wait for another day, but it was still the same. I then called up the manager and complained about their service, he made several uneven excuses and promised to send his men the next day. The mechanic came but he was late and showed up at night, I had to get up leaving my dinner aside to let him check my car. He took half an hour to check and told me that he would come along with his men the next day and fix my car. He made me observe all the problems which I was aware of. The mechanic said that the cost would be told to me later by the manager. The mechanic came in the next day but the cost wasn’t told to me yet, on asking the mechanic about it he said that the manager would declare it very soon. He along with his other fellow mates started working in my car and took the whole day. The problem was not this big but they wasted a lot of their time gossiping. They took a lot of breaks and didn’t do their work properly. On requesting them to finish the work a bit faster, they got offended and said that the work was being done with full care and it takes time.
I somehow waited for them to complete and they gave me a sudden shock afterwards with the price of such a repair. The manager called me and told me a very high rate which I didn’t think was worth paying. I tried negotiating him but he didn’t listen to me and told me to pay the whole money. They made this plan before squeezing extra money for the work. Asking them about their rates before was of no use because this was the way they make extra money from their customers. The work done was decent but the price was too high and not worth paying. Since the work was done I had no other option but to pay the money and let them go. I decided never to make the same mistake again. Please avoid going to the BMW of Peoria.

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