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Scammed me!!

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24 September 2019

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It was time that I sell my BMW Sedan so that I could buy a new car from another brand. I am a general car lover and I loved driving different cars. This time I wanted to buy a brand new model of AUDI. For that, I wanted to sell my pre-owned BMW. I started searching for best car buyers in town and it was then I realized that I should sell my car to a BMW car shop because they would know better about their car and would be happy to buy a car of their brand. All I was looking for was an affordable and genuine price for the same. I updated the search filters and started searching for a pre-based BMW showroom near me. I found out BMW of Orland Park to be the nearest to me and they had a very tempting online website and I decided to make an appointment with them online. I filled up all the required information and was told that I would be called back again for confirmation. I waited for 3 long days for the confirmation when they finally called and confirmed the date.
I went in met the manager after 2 hours of a long wait because he was busy convincing another customer. I went and told him about the model number along with the brief specifications of my car. The manager then told me that he would send his men the next day for inspection. The man came up the next day and checked my car both inside out and called his manager for giving him the information. I was told that he would take a test drive before finalizing the deal. The staff member came back after half an hour and finalized the deal. The manager then phoned me and told me to show up the other day to complete the paper works. I went in the other and was kept waited for another half an hour until the manager called me in and told me to complete the paperwork. I was a bit irritated and disappointed by their late customer service, but it was the last part and I wanted to end it as soon as I could. He then stated the price for my car and after several tried of negotiation I was neglected. The payment came in after 3 weeks but it was supposed to be cleared within a week.
One of my friends visited me sometimes ago and out of a discussion I came to knew that the real price of my car was far more than given by the BMW of Orland Park. They simply made me a fool for selling them a car at such a low price. I regret selling my car to the wrong place. My friend was ready to give me more about money on spot but the time was over and I had no other choice but to be sad with my decision of selling my car over the wrong place. I had already made a mistake and I want none of you to do the same. Please don’t take your business to the BMW of Orland Park.

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