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Charged me $1000 for a cheap repair

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17 September 2019

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This is the place which you have to avoid at all costs. No matter what happens to your car, please do not go to them. My car had some trouble with the engine so I consulted them. It has been a month now and since then I have been contacted by their customer support as well as the GM. Not because they are sorry for what they did but to convince me to remove my review which I had posted about them. A month ago, my car’s engine seized and I consulted BMW of Murray to get it fixed. They cannot build trust in you regarding them but they are experts in making every other firm untrustworthy for you. I have lost faith in customer service all thanks to these ‘brilliant’ people. I went there to get my car fixed and they asked me to wait for a while.
There was some guy who was to be dealt before me. I waited because it was justified but then another guy came in and they dealt with him though I was there first. Just like this two to three people came in after me and went before. I waited for one and half hour for my turn. Meanwhile, I was asking the front desk officer the reason for the delay but she had nothing to say about it. Instead, she tried to calm me down and somehow making me feel guilty about not understanding their situation. Finally, it was my car’s turn and the mechanic took the keys and went off. I had to wait half an hour before they let me know the exact problem but I waited 45 minutes because nobody from the staff was ready to answer my questions or give me a genuine reason for the delay. Nonetheless, a supervisor came and told me the problem and I agreed on leaving the car for the night. They agreed on delivering the car by 12 noon at my place. Being late and irresponsive is their habit which was witnessed or proven the next day. My car was not delivered until 1 pm and I was not answered on a call. I went to the place and they told me that the car will be here in 15 minutes. There was no sign of the car for 30 minutes. Finally, I had my car and I did not check it there and then as I was already too pissed at them. Now I saw the bill and I was shocked. The service charges were $1000 which was not even satisfying. I argued about it and was kicked out of their office. The pressurized me to pay and I did but were kicked out immediately. I posted a review about this activity and since then I have been receiving calls and emails from them to remove my review. You can also call these threats. This is an updated version of my review and it is a humble request that please do not go there for your car. o

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