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17 September 2019

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Changing the car’s oil never seemed the hardest task of the world until I consulted BMW of Houston North located at 17730 North Fwy, Houston, Texas. This is the place which you would not want to consult for an oil change or even for buying a car. I have experienced both situations and trust me you would regret your choice if you consult them. We own a car and needed another one. Based on the services they have mentioned on their website, we called ourselves lucky to have two tasks and one platform to serve us. My husband wanted to have an oil change and I wanted a new car. Guess what these people fucked it up!! I did everything I could just to make sure I get the car I have always wanted and I did get it but the condition in which it was delivered and the scenarios I had to go through are really shitty. The oil change takes maximum two days if you go to the place late or any other reason. The delivery of the car is acceptable to be in months but they have crossed all boundaries of customer support. My husband and I visited the place in January for details about car booking. We were warmly welcomed but they asked us to wait for a while. A short while became two hours and I lost an important client at the office because of that. Finally, the person started talking to us about the model we would want to purchase, etc. and we did not leave any details from our side. They told us that the car we are asking for is available. My husband and I placed the order then. The delivery was three months after the booking which was fine as they had some process for clearing out any lacking if the car had. We were glad to hear this and waited. After three months and the exact date that was on paper, the car was not delivered. We waited for two days on our own and then started calling them. There was no response from them for quite the time I guess a week. We had left emails, calls and even messages on their live chat box to different representatives. Meanwhile, my husband took his car to the place for an oil change so that he could talk to them about the late delivery too. They did not talk much about the car and took away his car for the oil change. He was asked to pick up the car after two days and he went to the place as asked. He again inquired about the purchase we made months ago and they were like ‘there was some issue with the mats and rearview mirror so they were working on that.’ It is fine if you have some issues to solve but you can at least let the owner know about it. The oil change was fine but we are not satisfied with the customer service. Very poor services.

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