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18 September 2019

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I recently had one of the worst experiences with one of the BMW dealers and wanted to share my experience with you guys as well so that your precious time and money can be saved. Because I don’t want you to get through the way I was. About a year ago I decided to buy a pre-owned BMW SUV from BMW of El Paso. They told me that the car has come up with a manufacture warranty so if I have any problem I can contact them. After only a few days later I heard some sounds which were coming from the engine and it was kind of weird one. I decided to take it to BMW of El Paso and they were supposed to get it fixed. I got a call from them and they told me that this car has rebuilt the engine and so I can’t claim any warranty, and it has come to their dealership with the same reason before. I guess BMW of El Paso was well aware of the situation and they knew that the car has rebuilt engine but still they didn’t even bother me to tell me and instead lied to me. I was shocked and was angry to hear this because the car I bought was expensive and didn’t know that I have been scammed until I was being called by their mechanic. I went to the BMW of El Paso and told the guy over there about the whole situation. The sales guy didn’t even apologize to me and told me that the deal is already done and they can’t exchange the car nor they can refund my money. The salesperson told me that they can get the problem solved but they are not in a state to exchange or refund my money. Well, I didn’t agree to this deal because it will only be going to cost me more money as ultimately I had to pay for the services to get my engine work properly. After spending my whole day with these bastards instead of my wife and children, lastly, they agreed to give me a discount of 5% on the fixing charges. I was like what the hell? They really thought that lying to me about the condition of the car and giving me a fake warranty was worth some 25-30 dollars.
I think companies like BMW of El Paso are only keen to make their money without even delivering quality services to their customers. They have left a very bad impression on me and I don’t think that I am going to visit them again. The only reason why I decided to visit this store was that they had great ratings and reviews online and people had given them 5-star ratings altogether. Well, later on, I got to know that BMW of El Paso offers incentives and discounts to their customers to give them 5-star ratings and that is the only reason why you are not going to find any of the negative reviews about them.

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