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05 November 2019

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I took a car on lease from the BMW of Delray Beach and it was time to give the car back as the 5 years agreement was getting over. I carried all the agreement papers of the car I did back 5 years ago. The firm was not as it was 5 years ago. I made an appointment online so that it would be easier for the firm to sort out and they would take lesser time. It was the opposite when I reached the BMW of Delray Beach. I first decided to renew my subscription because the car was in good condition. The owner was arrogant and after checking the metered distance he became angry because the car had exceeded more than 60,000 miles in 5 years. He then told me to pay an extra sum for every mile. It was not known to me during the time of purchase so I requested him to be a bit merciful. There was nothing stated in the agreement paper and I could feel that they wanted to squeeze money from me. I wasn’t ready to pay the extra money but the owner didn’t let me go because he took out another error that was a partial scratch in the car.
He became arrogant and angry at the same time and gave me a lecture regarding the well-being of the car. He proclaimed to file a charge against me if I don’t pay the sum payable for his loss. I was shocked by this strange behaviour of the manager and all of it was unknown to me during the time of purchase five years ago. I was stuck in between due to the agreement and didn’t have anything to defend me. The owner made it sure to charge for everything possible. He took out problems one after the other and charged it upon me due to their policy of lease. I wasn’t even aware of such liabilities. I had to pay them a huge sum while they kept on counting the losses I had incurred. I was not even sure whether the slight problems that came into my notice were created by me.
After clearing all the losses I made sure not to come back to the BMW of Delray Beach, they are very clever with their business. Before visiting the company I decided to buy the car and pay them the whole money at once because of a good financial condition but their professional and clever way of squeezing money was a very clever move and every customer would be shocked by this. They didn’t give proper information during the time of purchasing the lease. None of the customers would be happy by the cruel nature of the firm. I couldn’t regret more coming to the wrong place and wasting a huge amount of money. They would take the money in every possible way and make you feel guilty for the same. I would never do any kind of business with this company and would recommend none of the buyers to buy or take a car on lease from the BMW of Delray Beach. Please stay away.

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