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The laziest mechanics you’ll ever meet

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24 September 2019

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I made a very big mistake taking my car to the BMW of Crystal Lake. They had the worst mechanics with a null experience. I thought that it would be better taking my BMW to an authentic place so that they would have an idea about their brand and give a friendly service but it was the opposite. I called to make an appointment but one of their numbers was out of service and the working number was not responding all the time. I had to go to the place and it didn’t bother me much because it was near my house. I went to the place and failing to find the manager I asked a mechanic to show me the way towards the manager’s office, he was unresponsive and didn’t pay attention to me. After elaborating on my question again he just directed me towards the office with strange signs which were hard to interpret. It took me more than 20 minutes to find his office.
I went inside his office and told him about the problems that my car faced, he was busy scrolling his cell phone. He had a very distracting nature and was easily distracted by any kind of noise or person. It took him a lot of time to understand my problem and I was annoyed by this time until he called his mechanic to detect the problem in my car. The mechanic was not sincere to his work because he was busy prioritizing the person over phone call rather than checking out my car at once. I told him to be quick but he didn’t pay attention because he was busy with his phone. He finally checked my car and went to the manager to talk about it. Another staff member came and told me to wait in the lobby until the manager confirms the pricings. It took them more than half an hour to decide the price. The manager called me in and told me the price. It was affordable so I accepted the price and told him to start the work quickly. He then told me to complete the payment so that his mechanics could initialize with their work.
I was feeling helpless so I made the payment and waited for the mechanic to complete the work. All their mechanics should be fired for not working at full pace. They had a habit of wasting time gossiping with their fellow mates and couldn’t concentrate on their work for a long time. I had to wait for about 4 hours for them to complete the work. It generally should take less than 2 hours but due to the unprofessional mechanics hired by the BMW of Crystal Lake, it was getting impossible for me to go back home early and complete my pending works. I still regret going to the BMW of Crystal Lake, the company should be shut down due to the recruitment of unprofessional and careless mechanics. Please stay away!

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