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22 September 2019

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If you’ve bought some cars before, you would know the importance of a test drive. Why would you buy a car without testing it? But it seems like the guys at BMW of Columbus don’t know about this stuff. The quality of this BMW dealership is way too low for someone to go there and buy a car.
My previous car was a BMW and this time too, I decided to go for a BMW. I did not have much idea about the new launches of BMW and thus I sought help from a friend. We went through all the options together and a few cars caught our attention. I had already decided that without a test-drive, I would not even think of purchasing a car. After shortlisting potential choices, I now searched for nearby BMW Dealerships. There were quite a few nearby. My friend suggested going to BMW of Columbus as it was the nearest located showroom. I went through the website and got the contact number from the ‘Contact Us’ page. I made a call and got an appointment scheduled for the very next day.
Both of us reached the showroom on time for our appointment. We went in and saw that the showroom did not have many visitors that day. Despite it being almost vacant, there were no staff members around. We were roaming around, looking at the cars on display when we were approached by an employee. He seemed to be a bit ill-mannered because instead of coming to us like a gentleman, he shouted from a distance. We went to him and told him about the cars we were there to know more about. He was not very enthusiastic about his job as he told us that we could only be shown a car properly. He told us that there were people who just came to see the cars on display and not buy them. I thought to myself that that is how it works and everyone does not need to buy a car. Anyways, I decided to ignore this and continue. He took us to the spot where the car of our choice was parked. When I asked him about certain features, he told us that he did not know ‘that much’. After thinking for some time, I requested for a test-drive. Upon hearing this, he infuriated denied. He was adamant that we were not there to buy the car. No matter how much we insisted, he would not even budge.
Since I did not want to buy a car without testing it first, I decided to walk out of there. It was one of the most humiliating experiences I have ever been to. BMW should rethink their hiring process because if at every showroom there is a salesperson like there is at BMW of Columbus, it will not take much time for the company’s sale and reputation to sink. Because of my experience there, I would not recommend anyone to go to the BMW of Columbus.

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