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16 September 2019

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They are the most irresponsible, unprofessional car dealers in town. Never ever go to them. Trust me you will regret choosing them even for the slightest work you want to be done for your car. All they care about is the name of their company and how they can earn a profit every day passing by. They would never care for your car or have sentiments attached to it.
Even if you try and complain about the issue you had to face because of them, they will either be irresponsive or say that you were never their customer. Without hesitation, they will blab about their good for nothing services and lie about the dealership and responsibilities. I had an accident two days ago and my car needed repair. I could not find anyone near my residence so I decided to go to BMW of Charlottesville. I wish I had chosen someone else for my car repair. I called them to get an appointment or anything that could help me with scheduling the repair time and I was really happy to get a prompt response for the customer support. They even relaxed me by the pic up service from my place. The driver arrived in like two hours to take my car for repair. I was so glad and a bit relieved that I have consulted some professional people for my car. They emailed me a bill of $2500 which left me in shock for a couple of minutes. I love my car and I know everything about it. It did not need that kind of a repair or service. Another shocking thing about them is they did not justify the bill with any explanations. I waited for a call from them as I had received a confirmation call after making a deal but there was no call this time. Instead, they sent another email that said there would be no repairing or service if I do not pay the bill first. I called them and asked about this and the representative stated that some parts were broken and needed repair. The list she told me had four parts to be changed. I could not take a look at my car now and had no other choice but to pay and I did so. This was my first and last experience with them. I was asked to pick my car from the repair site and I was there on time. They made me wait for 45 minutes in the waves of heat. I would not have minded them telling me the exact time for picking up my car. I had waited 5 days and waiting another 45 minutes would not have caused me any trouble if I were informed earlier or was asked to sit in a place that had shelter. This was my worst experience in car repair. Trust me I will never ever go back to them and would recommend the same to others too.

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