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Total waste of money! Gotta stay away

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23 September 2019

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It was such a big mistake choosing the BMW of Barrington for taking my business into. I chose the place because it was near my house and had a very pleasing webpage. The inventory had different varieties of vehicles. I searched for the vehicle of my time with good mileage. It was not affordable to buy a new car so I decided to buy a pre-owned car from the BMW of Barrington. The showroom was very attractive in real but all the managing staff was very rude and this was the main reason I backed off.
The confirmation of my appointment took more than 2 days. The manager didn’t even apologize for his rude behavior over the phone. He was very unfriendly and always was in a hurry. He called me into his office after making me wait for half an hour from my appointed time. I told him to let me go through their inventory so that I could choose a vehicle as per my needs. He sent me off with one of his staff members who again was of the same kind. He didn’t utter a word until asked. He was not a good salesman because he was very quiet all the time and when asked to share the specification of the car, he got irritated and. I somehow chose a car from their inventory and wanted to go for a test drive but was denied because it was not in their policy to give a test drive before payment. Even after requesting them for a test drive before finalizing the deal I was denied and was said that there were many customers ready to buy the vehicle and it wouldn’t be a loss if I don’t buy the vehicle. They knew it right that I was in a need of a vehicle so they kept on denying all my requests.
After the completion of the payment, I was said that the car would be delivered the next day to my address. Nothing as such happened and it took them more than a week to deliver the car. I had to give them reminders every day. It was by this time I realized that I went to the wrong place to buy a car. BMW of Barrington is not a place where people should go and buy a car because of the ill behavior of the staff members and the very much time-consuming delivery. It would easily piss off any customer. Their policy of not giving a test drive before payment was the worst and none of the buyers would be satisfied buying a car without getting a test drive for the same. I already made a mistake of buying my vehicle from the BMW of Barrington, none of you should do the same. Please stay away from them unless you have extra money and want to waste it somewhere. The product delivered was not satisfactory and it had scratches over the windshield which were likely to be made after the payment was done. Please stay away.

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