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Charged me $2500 for a baseless accusation

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22 September 2019

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Since my early teenage days, I have been a fan of BMW and therefore I had already made up my mind to buy a BMW again. The question was which one to go for as there were so many options available to choose from. I sat down one day with my laptop and scoured the internet for BMW cars. It took me almost a week to set aside potential purchasable vehicles. I finalized 3 cars to choose from. The next thing I did was find out the contact number of BMW of Albany since it was the nearest to my place. There was no response from the other side and therefore I decided to go directly to the place and book an appointment.
The next day, I went to the place early and walked in. It seemed as if the appointment was not needed. I approached a salesperson who was standing idly in front of a car. I greeted him and requested him to tell me more about the cars that were on my list. He took me to the spot where one of the cars was parked and asked me to have a look. The car did look beautiful but I could not help but see that there was a scratch on the lower end of the front door. It would have been foolish to point that out to the salesperson and therefore I ended this thought process. I requested to see if I could have a test-drive to ascertain the performance of the car. After giving it some thought, the salesperson agreed. I drove the car around for quite some time. Although the car’s performance was okay, I could not convince myself to buy it. I got out of the car and told the salesperson that I will not be purchasing the car most properly. As soon as he heard these words come out of my mouth, he got angry. He started abusing me for it and when he could not find any harsher words, he started blaming me for scratching the car. I had already made up my mind that I would never come back to that wretched place but I also wanted to clear it out that the scratch was not my fault. Those guys started demanding money from me for something I didn’t do. They wanted me to pay $2500 for the repair. It doesn’t even cost that much to get a scratch like that repaired. But these guys were adamant. I was able to leave the place only after paying them $500. A few days later, they sent me an invoice of $2,000. These people are crazy and I strongly advise you to avoid them at all costs.
I walked out of there with two lessons – 1) It was a mistake to step foot inside BMW of Albany and 2) they are money-hungry scammers.
I would not recommend anyone else to go to that place unless they want to be humiliated and slammed with baseless and vile accusations.

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