Blues on White

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Blues on White | Video Machines

I wish to officially complain about the lottery gambling machines at the Blues on Whyte in Edmonton, Alberta. My husband and I were there on September 18, 2009, playing the video lottery machines. We played the machines part of the afternoon and put $1, 000 in approximately and never once did we win anything. Actually, nobody was winning much and some had been there since 10:30 that morning! In the evening we returned to the club to listen to the music and went to the side that have the machines and put more money in. While playing this machine in particular that evening, I noticed that it was not paying when it should of been. For example, I got 4 bells, never paid – I was playing all lines. I thought I probably had just missed the message but then it happened again when I had 3 cherries. My husband went to the clerk’s window and told him. All of a sudden this guy comes and stands next to the machine and just looks at us. When I asked him if he was here to see about the machine, he didn’t answer, just looked at us. Then all of a sudden, two security people arrive and stand behind us. The first person never identified himself and I asked him to leave if he wasn’t there to look into the problem. He just stood there like… never identified himself and then we told the security people what was happening, they asked us to cash out and leave!!!.. So these people were not there to assist with the problem, but to have us leave… They wouldn’t put a sign on the machine that it was out of order; and when I asked them why, they forced us to leave! They just wanted us to cash out and leave… Words were exchanged and we left. It was the most horrible feeling. My complaint is that this place treated us like criminals and would not put a “out of order” sign on the machine. They just wanted us to cash out and leave.

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