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To anyone considering order flowers on line or working the bloomex from home, do your self a favor and do the research about this company and the tactics they use. Canada Revenue has tons of information available … I like others are waiting to get paid still and like I was told by Dimtri on Fri Nov 21-2008, he will not be paying me unless I do as he tells me .. if your interested in a copy of his letter to me email me I’ll be pleased to share it. Its my understanding that after filing a complaint with revenue canada to get my last pay it will take 8-12 months for results. For 8to 12 months untill I get my pay I will be here to keep reminding everyone to THE BLOOMEX SCAM!!! WHEN I get paid it won’t be necessary to bother with scum!!! Unit then see you tomorrow … Anyone out there who has been scammed and not received a final pay please contact me .. Thanks!!!

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