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Bloomex | Failed delivery of service

DON’T USE BLOOMEX! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS! What I’m about to write has been echoed by thousands of other people as I found out by simply using a google search for Bloomex. Too bad I didn’t google first:I ordered flowers for my wife to be delivered on Saturday, 17 October 2009 and paid to have ‘same day’ delivery. They were supposed to be there by 5pm and by 6pm my wife said they hadn’t arrived. I called Bloomex and was told they would be there shortly. By 730pm they still weren’t there so I called back again and was told the same thing.Sunday morning, they still hadn’t come so I called and complained. I told them I wouldn’t pay and was told a rep would call me back. Anka called me back and told me I would pay either the order fee or a cancellation fee. When I explained that Bloomex failed to deliver and the delivery was no longer required, she stated she would investigate and if what I claimed was true then I wouldn’t have to pay the cancellation fee. She then said that Angela, her manager would call me Monday.By 6pm on Monday, I grew tired of waiting for a call back. I had called 3 times and emailed twice leaving all the required information for them (on voicemail for the calls) and received no response. I emailed the company again stating I didn’t want their product and that I wouldn’t pay any money at all.Finally I received an email stating the product I ordered was in stock and ready to be shipped on Tuesday!!! THREE DAYS LATE!!! I was told in that email that if I chose to cancel, I would be charged a cancellation fee of $25!! I wrote back stating I would pay nothing. I have emailed their head office but have been ignored (apparently that is the company policy for Bloomex… ignore customers).DON’T USE THIS BUSINESS! They are scam artists and extortionists! STAY AWAY FROM BLOOMEX!

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