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Lied to me and duped me

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25 September 2019

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On my first visit to the Bloom Day Spa and felt anxious for this experience. I booked for a deep massage and needed what my body felt like is a deep tissue massage sounded great. A massage for the tissues and that I can feel relaxed and calm in this process.
I needed to feel a change in my tissue muscles and a treatment for me. I arrived at the clinic twenty minutes earlier to feel my way through the Spa and have a massage.
In the beginning, everything felt good.
Also, no change rooms and no clean showers for customers at Bloom Day Spa and wasn’t clean for customers.
I didn’t enjoy the massage and it wasn’t what I requested. The masseuse had the day off causing an inconvenience to me having the deep massage. The entire time I spent at the spa, I felt stressed and bothered in the hot and humid room where I had the massage. The facilities don’t have bright lights and I expected better from the facilities and of my massage for the overpriced treatment.
I didn’t know that the message I got was from some degenerate novice who had no idea how to give a massage. It was terrible. These guys don’t give a damn about the experience of their customers; no, all they want is the money. You’d like to stay away from this hellhole.
The staff wasn’t aware of the treatments and of the prices.
It’s disappointing to have to go through the negative points of this company, but they had a choice of how to treat me. Unfortunately, they didn’t treat me with the utmost respect and care to give me the best services.
I saw everything in a negative way and didn’t bother to make another appointment for the proper massage.
They could have rescheduled or told me of the changes and that I wouldn’t have a masseuse for a deep muscle massage. It would have made a difference to me and customer’s service comes first. Pleasing the customer is supposed to be the priority, right? I didn’t get that from Bloom Day Spa. At the Spa clinic I didn’t experience peaceful and quietness, it had noise from other parts of the facility.
Staff wasn’t bubbly and the atmosphere wasn’t soothing and welcoming to me.
My high expectations didn’t last of the Bloom Day Spa clinic. The little things as I wished for from the Spa weren’t plentiful for the enjoyment of the Spa.
The rooms weren’t cleaned enough for customers, and I had an awkward feeling to change in the massage room. I preferred they had a change room and cleaner toilets and showers. In all, I had an awful experience and don’t wish to recommend Bloom Day Spa to other people for the bad communication skills, the uncleaned facilities, the unfriendly and rude staff, and for no change rooms. Above all, I won’t recommend them for not having the massage I requested at the SPA.

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