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I could not believe when I heard those words.

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02 September 2019

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Ambition and goals are what drives us in life and help us stay motivated. The dreams we have to keep us focused on the prize and make us work hard. Different people have different ambitions and dreams. Some dream of becoming a millionaire. Some want to get famous. Even since my teenage days, my prime ambition was to buy a house in a skyscraper. I worked for countless days and nights in order to fulfil my dream. It took me some time, but the outcome was worth it. I fulfilled my dream of buying such a house recently. The first thing I did after stepping into my new house was to admire the view. The beautiful and breathtaking view. Although there was one problem that I faced – the scorching and harmful sunlight rays that increased the temperature of the house. Being a perfectionist, I decided to get rid of the problem instead of coping with it. After looking for solutions, the idea of getting my windows tinted seemed the most sensible and thus, I started looking for companies online for the job.
I did not want to compromise the quality and thus I took almost a month to go over the companies offering residential tinting. After carefully reading the reviews of all the shortlisted companies, I decided to go with ‘Blackout Tinting’. I called the place asking them about the services I needed. Although they said they would send someone in a day or two, it took them two weeks to send someone. Finally, a company guy came over and after checking out the windows, gave an estimate. Although the price stated was really expensive, I decided not to be concerned with money and gave a go-ahead to the consultant. As I did not have much idea about window tinting, I told the company member to do whatever is best for the house. He told me that he would be sending the workers in a day’s time but it took the workers five days to come.
The workers came with the window film that was to be installed. They did not seem professional as most of the times they were busy cursing at each other and cracking jokes. After the installation of the window films, there wasn’t much of an improvement in the problem. All the rooms, especially the living room, were heating up as usual. Despite the window films of the ‘best quality’ were installed, there was no difference. I called Blackout Tinting and explained the problem. They denied taking responsibility. There were rather adamant about the fact there is something wrong with the apartment. They were not willing to listen at all given their ‘reputation’. After I got the window films checked by an expert, I was told that the films were of the worst quality available.
After all the assurance and guarantee of quality that was provided to me by Blackout Tinting, I found it really hard to accept the fact that the company is a total fraud.
I would recommend every person out there to stay the hell away from Blackout Tinting as all they care about is making money and don’t give a shit about their customers.

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