Black & Decker Electric Skillet

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Black & Decker Electric Skillet | Product producing flames

I am on my second Black & Decker Skillet. On the first one, the plug was incredibly difficult to insert without force so I exchanged it for the identical skillet. The second one was easier to plug in at first. After a few months the plug started coming out on its own and it started being difficult to plug it all the way. Last night I was using the skillet. After about 1/2 hour of cooking I started hearing weird noised from my kitchen, I went in to investigate and was horrified to see sparks and flames shooting out from the bottom of my skillet. Luckily I had the skillet sitting on a tempered glass cutting board so my countertop wasn’t set on fire.Today I tried contacting Black & Decker online only to find out that they do not make kitchen appliances, they outsource the work to a company called Applica Consumer Products and Black & Decker do not offer support, even though it’s their name on the product. I tried to contact Appllica Consumer Products online and the search engine could not find them. That means that even though the Black & Decker name is on the product, you can’t assume that it means you are buying: quality. warranty, or any kind of customer support. If you also had problems with this product, or any other, you need to contact (in Canada) the Health Canada Product Safety Division at 1-866-225-0709 OR (in the USA) the National Capital Region Consumer Product Safety Bureau at 1-866-862-0666.

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