BitDefender Internet Security 2012

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BitDefender Internet Security 2012 | Worst product eve

I just downloaded the Trial version of Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 after seing very good reviews on reputable websites such as PCmag, CNET, etc, they ALL put Bitdefender in the top 3 antivirus/antispyware products, even saw it being number 1 a couple of times, so I tried it, WORST DECISION EVER!!! I installed it, everything went fine until it asked me to reboot my computer to finalize the installation. My computer NEVER REEBOOTED! I tried 3 times, even with the startup resolution fonction on Windows Vista, the startup could never be repaired. In finally rebooted the computer on safe mode and it booted, then I trying to uninstall it was impossible, finally I had to reboot it again with ”last good configuration” . I rebooted again in Normal Mode and it works fine now.I’m lucky it worked if not I would of have to totally reinstall Windows Vista, which is problematic when you don’t have an intstallation CD or backup CD.If you’re lucky enough not to have this major problem, you will still have some other problems, like a slow pc, slow internet navigation, frozen computer, pages, etc.I also read a report that was saying that Bitdefender is paying well known websites to say their products are the best on the market, which is totally false. their rebates and lifetime free updates, they test their products on our account.

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