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Bigger Books

Ordered my book on the 9th of September, didn’t arrive until the 24th. Paid for higher priority shipping as they give that option, not knowing that it was a scam. Promised date was the 15th with that extra payment on shipping (almost $10 extra). I emailed multiple times about my refund on the pointless payment on shipping as my order was most definitely not prioritized at all. Didn’t receive any reply until today (Oct. 1st) and they themselves said that the higher payment options on shipping don’t make it ship faster at all amongst saying that it did deliver on time which was nowhere close to what happened even with the new delivery date they gave me on their package tracking which was the 20th (that I only found out days after it was originally supposed to be delivered.) They’re literally misleading and stealing money from people. They’re refusing to refund the shipping I paid when I could’ve just selected free shipping and got it on the same date or not used them at all as I could’ve gotten my book anywhere else in less time. Horrible customer service, horrible business. Their books are also not lower pricing either, get your books literally anywhere else. Amazon has way lower prices and guaranteed shipping for what you pay and also don’t treat their customers like trash. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE ITS A FREAKING SCAM. THEYRE JUST STEALING MONEY FROM STUDENTS WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL. IM LIVID.

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