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Beware of Lumidaire

I ordered a “free” sample of Lumidaire Face Cream, “only pay $4.95 for shipping.” I didn’t go to the website, a pop up came up while I was on another website. I fell for the offer, not realizing I was “agreeing” to a monthly subscription for this Face Cream. It mentioned that all of the Sharks on Shark Tank invested in this cream, it was THAT GOOD. I’m an avid fan of the show, that also made me feel it was legit. I called them as soon as I saw the charge of $89.71 on my credit card ( Friday 9/2/17 ). I didn’t get an answer, but “Ryan” called me the next day ( Saturday 9/3/17 ) and left a voicemail saying he saw that I’d called but got no answer. In his voicemail, he asked me to call back. | I did, but some girl answered and when I explained the situation, she said she couldn’t do anything about it, but “as a courtesy, she would waive the CANCELLATION FEE.” She didn’t want to tell me how much that was, but finally told me it was $20!! I told her that was total BS, and she said she could send me a trial of Garcinia Cambodia for my trouble. | Are you kidding me?! I told her I wanted NOTHING ELSE from them! Just a refund. I asked to speak to a manager, “none were available, they were all in a meeting.” I told her to tell one to call me, asap. She kept calling me “Miss Bev”, I suppose that was to calm me down. I asked her how it felt to work for a company that blatantly rips people off! No reply. “Miss Bev, I did credit the cancellation fee” as if that was going to make me able to afford the $$$$ face cream. According to her, I should have read the ( very long ) Terms and Conditions, but when I FINALLY found them, I saw nothing about a cancellation fee! She wanted “Miss Bev” to calm down, I was over my 14 day free trial and nothing she could do for me. I’ve dealt with many of these kinds of things over the years, but this one takes the cake. NO WHERE in the form did it mention it subscription, let alone a cancellation fee! I told her the whole thing is BS and she knows it. She must not have much of a conscience to work for a company that rips people off so blatantly. No response. All I can say is that I’d never be able to work for such a company! No recourse, just pay it. Period. | I live on a fixed income, I’m disabled with many medical bills and the $89.71 for .5 oz is a fortune to me. I’ll have to pay it, but reading others’ reports about this fraudulent company, I’m glad I didn’t get both the Cream AND the Serum. That would be a month’s worth of groceries!! Stay away from these thieves! I had to cancel that credit card account to be sure they couldn’t put any more charges on it. I’m also going to report them to the BBB. I’d be thrilled if I could get my money back but I’m not holding my breath. Fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, NOT going to happen. Stay far away from these frauds. I believe in karma and they have a lot of bad coming their way.

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