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Beware of Lufthansa

On 9/19/19 I secured a fare for an airline ticket on for $639. Fare rules stated that if I did not pay for the ticket within 48 hours I would pay $39. That same evening I paid for the ticket on using my PayPal account and received email confirmation of the transaction from PayPal. | On 9/21/19 I received an email from Lufthansa that my ticket was cancelled for lack of payment and was charged the $39. The same flight now had gone up to $1078. | I had called Customer Service to make my appeal that I had indeed gone onto their website, paid for the ticket, but they just neglected to issue the ticket. However, the toll free number was an overseas call center and they did not listen or understand and just hung up on me after a while, despite my polite manner. | Eventually, I did speak to a representative in Germany, who did understand and stated that if I had proof of my purchase that I could appeal to Lufthansa for a refund of the $39 plus the extra cost of the ticket of $439. So I did and went ahead to rebook the ticket at the price of $1078 because my daughter was also on the particular flight. | On 10/1/19 Customer Relations indicated that they were going to issue me the refund but needed to to refer “the compensation claim it to the relevant department” because his department could not “technically do a refund”. | Starting on 10/24/19 after not receiving the refund, I emailed again. First they said they issued a refund on 10/4/19, which they had not. Then they stated because I was not entitiled because I had puchased an economy fare. So by that logic, that any person purchasing an economy ticket should not have the expectation that a ticket purchased on their website will actually be issued. The latest is that they are categorizing my refund request of $439 as a “rebooking fee”. | All I am expectecting is that they honor the price of the original fare that I paid for on their website plus the extra $39 which they incorrectly charged me.

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