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Beware of Long Haul Van Lines

Company doubled estimate on moving day and refuses to return desposit, despite not actually contributing to our cross country move. We sent a detailed email (have the email still) for a cross country move from Atlanta, GA to Ventura, CA, with every single piece of furniture and household item we owned listed. Got a low quote of $2600, scheduled movers/packers for August 10th, 2015. August 10th: movers come, evaluate home and belongings and say “by human error” they must have forgotten to add ALL the living room furniture so now the quote is $5800. We Turned them away because it was twice the amount we budgeted for and completely unethical and unprofessional. The movers/packers were very upset about this and claimed they could do nothing and refused to give me any of their names or let me speak with their dispatch manager, before storming off and driving away. Somehow, almost immediately after they observed all our belongings and were not able to scam us out of $5800, we were burglarized less than two hours later when we went to go get alternative moving stuff. | The police have been notified. I called the company headquarters the next morning to get our $550 deposit back, since it was their “human error” that causes the move to be halted, only to be yelled at, demeaned, and threatened. I was told that they do not, ever, give deposits back and that “if he wanted to, he could charge our account the full $5800.” I immediately notified my bank to put a hold on the the card info they have and filed a dispute claim against the deposit amount. I also asked for the contact information of the movers that were at our house and was told I would receive a call back with the information; I have yet to receive that call. The contact info is necessary for the police report regarding the burglary. Moreover, when I looked them up on USDOT, they have had their licenses and insurance suspended over ten times since they have been open. Currently, it says they don’t have insurance as of May 31st, 2015. I am disgusted with how this business is being ran. I have no doubt that the furniture was left off on purpose (and I’m sure they do this to everyone) to force customers into the higher rate due to lack of other options the day they are moving across the country. Fortunately, we found an available moving truck rental and just packed everything ourselves in order to still move the next day.

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