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After reading Sarah Dunsby’s article on titled “” The importance of a sustainable investment in commercial property “ and seeing that she quote as a reference a pathological liar, cheater, scammer and thief that she calls “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas” , I have to doubt about the seriousness of the articles on . | Either Sarah Dunsby does not check her sources which is unprofessionnal, either she got paid to put the name of that random schmuck and has no journalistic integrity. | In her article for titled ” The importance of a sustainable investment in commercial property “, Sarah Dunsby wrote ( I quote) ” Matthew Smith BNP Paribas runs a blog that’s full of excellent advice for investors, and you can also set up an appointment for a personal consultation if you wish. ” | The so-called consultant in investment that she refered to in her article as “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas” is certainly not to be recommended to anyone. | First, his name is actually Matthew Smith – or Matthew John Smith if you want his full name. BNP Paribas is not a part of his family name, that is a company name, a French Bank to be precise. | Now, let me explain you why this man calls himself “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas”, which is rather odd. Matthew Smith works at BNP Paribas but he is certainly not the CEO or at a high ranking position. He just happens to work there like hundred thousand of other employees at BNP Paribas. Why would you add name of the company where you work unless you are the owner of the company ? Let say there this man, that works for Microsoft, will he calls himself ” John Doe Microsoft” online ? I don’t think so! | But there is why this random employee of BNP Paribas calls himself “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas”. That is because he got exposed for the foul racist, pathological liar, creep, scammer and thief he truly is on the internet, so Matthew Smith has created tons of social medias profiles under the username of “Matthew Smith BNP Paribas” and even that blog “” which Sarah Dunsby’s referes as “a blog full of excellent advice for investors”. | Matthew Smith did not created a blog in order to give advices about investment or finances, he only put up a blog to try to hide the posts about him on google results if you search for Matthew Smith BNP Paribas. | Indeed, Matthew Smith is a pathological liar, cheater, creepy pervert and a racist. He got exposed online after his then girlfriend found out that he was lying and cheating with shemales and shemales prostitutes. He also stole money from her, she decided to warn other people about this dishonest liar, con-artist, scammer and thief, in a series of posts online. | Now would you trust a man who constantly lies, cheats, scams people ? | Whose sole reason for having a blog and writing fake articles is to play with search engines for hiding negative results about him? | Also I wonder what kind of advice with investment or financial adivces should you take from someone such as Matthew Smith who has personnaly bad finances and can’t save money ??? At nearly 40 years old, Matthew Smith rents a tiny bedroom for less than 400£ / months, and has no cars, and no belongings? | Also, it is quite an ironic situation that Matthew Smith calls himself Matthew Smith BNP Paribas since BNP Paribas is a French company. Matthew Smith absolutely hates the French people, would always complain about the fact that half of the staff of BNP Paribas in London is from France. Mind you, his racism is not exclusive to French people, as he also dislikes his American and Indian co-workers. (Matthew Smith often said: my Indian boss is smelly etc…” | Advising a complete liar and manipulative schemer con-artist to investors is really a bad journalism from Sarah Dunsby

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