Local Flyer Jobs

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Beware of Local Flyer Jobs

I needed some flyers delivered and hired Mike Pao aka Phi Jacob and his company getdelivered.com to deliver them. He put me in touch with Lakee Gibbs, supposedly he handles the day to day for Mike. Lakee was my best friend until 3 months later and the job had still not even began. | Mike quit answering my calls and Lakee cussed me out when I told him I wanted to know what happened to the thousands of dollars I paid them. I looked them both up at that time and come to find out Lakee had just been released from prison for trying to open a Best buy account with an ID with the actress Keira Knightley’s info. | Mike Pao apparently quit using his real name Phi after the bankruptcy. Two peas in a pod for sure! These guys are bad news and will cheat you in one way or another! I’ve spoken to other people that say sometimes they will provide a few pics and a few GPS maps but when they went back to the same houses they say the home owners deny getting a flyer. They are nothing but two bit con artists!

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