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I took an NMLS renewal course and their system would not record my responses. I also copied the answers and provided them twice and they still would not give credit for the course. | After numerous attempts emailing David Reinholtz he became arrogant, confrontational and insulting. Even after I told him I was going to tell my friends and provided a link to the this was his response. | “We’re all doubtful that you have any friends but knock yourself out. | I’m sure you won’t have time for this, you’ve got to be ab absolute nasty fart everywhere you go and can’t possibly have enough hours to make those around you pay for your inadequacies. | We train the very largest lenders in the country and 10,000 licensees per year. | Contact all of them with your $32 story” | And them expelled me from the class | Very poor experience all the way around and will take the class over again with another provider

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